Exclusive VIDEO of the KNUST S3xtape Trending on Social Media

He raised her legs high and the girl kept it up like her life depended on  it. You could hear her moan ‘baby…baby’ and the heat of the moment kept things going. Her legs were still up and there was no coming down. Also Watch the gay sextape by KNUST boy at the mall here.

Exclusive VIDEO of the Gay S3xtape by 2 KNUST Boys


When she couldn’t take it anymore, she begged him to stop but he wouldn’t stop. He kept going up and down till she couldn’t take it anymore. That is is the KNUST sextape which has hit social media.


According to CampusExposed.Com’s sources on the KNUST campus, the guy is a Level 300 Social Science student but the girl’s program is not known yet. They recorded this a few months ago in the girl’s room at Nana Adoma Hostel at Ayeduase